Galaxy S21 Ultra: Caviar presents 5 limited editions in gold from 5,000 € to 16,500 €

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is barely announced that Caviar is already preparing five limited editions. Ranging from € 5,000 to € 16,500, these cover the Samsung flagship in gold and alligator leather. The most expensive version will only be produced in 21 copies.

Caviar x Galaxy S21
Credit: Caviar

Caviar got us used to the limited edition announcements shortly after the devices in question were released. Last year, the luxury maker already did the trick by presenting a $ 10,000 version of the iPhone 12 even before it was official. At Christmas, it reached peaks of bidding by unveiling a unique edition of the PS5 in gold, sold for 1.5 million euros. It is therefore quite natural that he attacks the Galaxy s21, a week after Samsung lifted the veil on its next flagship.

It is especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra – the most expensive model, of course – which this time is subject to customization. In total, we count 5 editions with different designs. The most expensive of these is the “Gold Ox“, Which proudly displays a gold bull head on its back shell, in connection with the Chinese New Year, which celebrates in 2021 the year of the ox. Caviar does not shrink from any eccentricity and has thus incorporated two diamonds in the animal’s eyes. This edition will be produced in 21 copies and concerned 128 GB models. It will be sold at a price of $ 20,140, ​​or € 16,555.

caviar x galaxy S21 Ultra
Credit: Caviar

Galaxy S21 Ultra deluxe editions cost minimum € 5,000

Four other editions complete this new range, each featuring 99 copies. We thus find the “Carbon“, With a gray and sober design made of carbon fiber. It is sold for $ 6,060 (€ 4,990). The edition “Black Alligator”Displays a V in 18k gold. It is, as the name suggests, made from black alligator leather, for a price of $ 6,220 (€ 5,120). A version “White Alligator”Is also available for $ 5,980 (€ 4,915), gold having been replaced by silver.

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The latest edition, entitled “Golden Lines“, Offers a Galaxy S21 Ultra fully covered with gold. Gold lines run through its back cover, while the Caviar logo has this time been moved to the center. It will still cost $ 6,140 (€ 4,920) to afford it. The manufacturer specifies that a unique number will be engraved on the side of each smartphone. A certificate of authenticity will also be included.