galaxy s21 photo compare bordures iphone 12

Galaxy S21: This photo compares the border sizes to those of the iPhone 12

The Galaxy S21 will stand out from other smartphones on the market thanks to the thinness of their borders. For the first time, the screen will be surrounded by uniform borders, including the bottom border. A photo published by a reputable informant also shows that the edge under the slab is thinner than that under the screen of the iPhone 12.

galaxy s21 photo compare borders iphone 12

Year after year, Samsung is improving the screen design of its flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S. With the Galaxy S21, whose launch is imminent, the Seoul giant would offer for the first time uniform borders around the touchscreen. The chin – the lower border – would therefore not be thicker than the others.

So far, the bottom border has always been slightly thicker than the others. This is the case for all smartphones on the market, with the exception of Apple iPhones. Since the iPhone X, Apple has put in effect uniform borders. The brand was distinguished by the delicacy of the chin.

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A thinner border than the iPhone 12

To mark the occasion, Samsung even decided to give a commercial name to its thin borders. According to the leaks, the builder filed the name “Blade bezels” (“Bordures blades” in French) on October 16. This filing confirms Samsung’s intentions for the new generation of Galaxy S: reduce bezels to the extreme.

To illustrate the changes made by Samsung, Ice Universe, the renowned leaker of the smartphone galaxy, has published a photo comparing the bottom border of the Galaxy S21 with the iPhone 12. As can be seen, the bottom edge of the iPhone 12 is noticeably thicker than that of the Galaxy S21. De facto, the edge / screen ratio of the S21 is higher than that of the iPhone. Obviously, this difference remains minimal in use.

The rendering used by Ice Universe was obviously developed by OnLeaks, another renowned informant, based on the production drawings. It is therefore not impossible that variations exist between the finished products and the renderings. As a reminder, Samsung will present the Galaxy S21 (S30) from January 14, 2021.

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