Galaxy S21: Samsung will present their Exynos 2100 processor on January 12, 2021

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S21’s Exynos 2100 chip at a dedicated event two days before the presentation of the smartphone, on January 12, 2021. The manufacturer had so far never organized a dedicated event for a smartphone chip.

Galaxy s21

In January, Samsung will not organize one but two presentation conferences. The first will take place on January 12, 2021 and will be exclusively devoted to the Exynos 2100 processor. The second on January 14, 2021 will unveil the Galaxy S21. Samsung made the revelation in the last few hours on social media.

One of these invitation cards, listed at the end of the article, claims that “Exynos is back”, suggesting major announcements. Samsung generally sells its flagships with a Snapdragon chip or a homemade Exynos chip depending on the market. In Europe and France, the latest flaships are still available with an Exynos chip.

Samsung is organizing a conference dedicated to the Exynos 2100, a first!

Over time, we have seen that the Exynos variants were less and less efficient compared to versions under Snapdragon. To the point that customers have posted a petition. For its part, Samsung has made profound changes around its processor division.

In particular, it was decided that Samsung would stop customizing its mobile processors too deeply, and would now be satisfied with standard ARM cores, as Qualcomm does with its Snapdragon. The difference was hardly noticeable on the S20 generation.

But by organizing a dedicated event, Samsung sends us the message that things are about to change dramatically. However, we should not necessarily expect a revolution, but rather a narrowing of the gap. According to the latest benchmarks, the versions of the S21 under Snapdragon 888 would now be less efficient than the Exynos 2100 versions.

However, this info must be taken with caution at this stage, but we are already thinking that if Samsung manages to erase the performance gap between the two versions, it will already be a victory.