Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra: here are all the prices in euros

The Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra continue to be talked about. A few weeks before the Unpacked conference, a series of leaks reveal all the prices in euros for the range. As expected, Samsung has slightly reduced the price of the entry ticket. But also offers a particularly expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB at 1,529 euros. There will be no 4G smartphones this year.

Galaxy s21
Credits: Ice Universe via Twitter

After the leak of Ishan Agarwal on December 18, the site has just confirmed the complete price list for the Galaxy S21 (S30) in Europe. According to this information, the standard Galaxy S21 will be offered at a starting price of only 849 euros on the European market. For comparison, Samsung had marketed the standard Galaxy S20 (4G) in France at a price of 909 euros at the beginning of the year. The 5G version climbed to 1,009 euros. We also discover a Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB variant in solid gold at 1529 euros :

  • Galaxy S21 128 GB: 849 euros
  • Galaxy S21 256 GB: 899 euros
  • Galaxy S21 + 128 GB: 1049 euros
  • Galaxy S21 + 256 GB: 1099 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB: 1349 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 256 GB: 1399 euros
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB: 1529 euros

As Winfuture points out, there will be no Galaxy S21 4G this year – and yet we have lower prices across the range. Last year the 5G models were significantly more expensive than the others. Winfuture also understands that the base Galaxy S21 5G will have a plastic back – this is not confirmed at this point, however. In addition, we learn that all of these smartphones will not have a microSD port. Which probably explains why Samsung is offering so many internal storage options this year.

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Samsung drops entry prices slightly for Galaxy S21 range overall

This therefore means that you will be “married” to the amount of internal memory chosen upon purchase. The advantage of having only this type of storage (because there is still one …) is that it is ultra fast UFS 3 (or later?) Storage, which works in favor of better performance, whereas microSD storage can slow down in comparison the access to files and applications you install on it.

At the same time, several other leaks have come to supplement (and confirm) the prices of the Galaxy S21 in various European countries. Without surprise, prices vary from a few dozen euros depending on the country. It all depends on the VAT rate applied. In the Netherlands, Samsung will for example market the Galaxy S21 from 879 euros. In France, it is not impossible that the prices differ slightly.

Moreover, it is not yet known whether the S21 Ultra 512 GB variant will be available in all markets. The leak is the first time we’ve heard of this particularly expensive variant. Obviously we will have to wait for the official presentation of the Galaxy S21 (S30), which is scheduled for January 14, 2021 to confirm everything.

However, given the cluster of clues at this point, it seems that all the pieces are falling into place and that we are starting to have a fairly precise vision of Samsung’s high-end proposition this year.