Galaxy S21: prices would drop, Samsung mainly intends to sell base models

Samsung is already betting on the cheapest base Galaxy S21 model upstream. The manufacturer would have dedicated 60% of the initial production to it. The starting price would also be revised downwards compared to the S20 range.

Galaxy s21
Credit: Let’s Go Digital

Samsung would have indeed chosen to play on the selling price of the Galaxy S21. After years of continuous price increases, the South Korean manufacturer has finally decided to lower the prices of the range. It must be said that the latest generations of Samsung flagship are selling rather badly to believe the various reports from the production lines.

Quite the opposite of the mid-range and entry-level manufacturer, which continues to beat record after record in sales. The info comes from the very informed South Korean site ETNews. The site in question only discusses the situation on the South Korean market. We learn that Samsung is already teasing behind the scenes a lower selling price compared to the S20 generation.

The basic Galaxy S21 would thus be offered from 990,000 KRW (approximately 737 euros) against 1,248,000 KRW for the basic S20 (approximately 929 euros). Which represents nearly 200 euros difference. It remains to be seen, however, whether this difference will be the same when we know the selling prices in euros.

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On the other hand, we can expect prices to drop across the range in the same proportions. The blog says for example that the S21 Ultra will be offered 1,199,000 KRW (892 euros). ETNews reports that Samsung relies heavily on sales of the cheapest S21. 60% of the initial production would be dedicated to it this year.

Source: ETNews