Galaxy S21: no microSD port, Samsung Pay limited, anger rumbles among fans

The Galaxy S21s created a surprise by no longer offering a microSD port, nor Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) which made Samsung Pay very practical. While these two features were present on the older models, several users expressed their dissatisfaction with their disappearance. Many of them refuse to buy the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Credit: Samsung

It has been a few days since Samsung lifted the veil on the three Galaxy S21s. These have brought some good news, such as the lower prices on this new range or their apparent simplicity in repair. But users have also had their fair share of bad surprises. Among them, two in particular are causing a lot of ink: the absence of a microSD port and the disappearance of Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST),

By removing the microSD port, Samsung is saying goodbye to memory cards on its premium models. A decision that is visibly not to everyone’s tastee: “I no longer see myself buying another Samsung smartphone”, wrote a member of the Android Central forum. “Each year I have upgraded to a better range. Looks like I’ll be keeping my Note 20 Ultra for quite a while. Fortunately I have the 512 GB version. At the time it seemed stupid to me to pay more […]. Ultimately it was a brilliant choice. RIP Samsung ”.

Galaxy S21 disappoints many users

The Korean firm has also put aside MST technology on its new flagship, which loses Samsung Pay a very practical functionality. Indeed, this allows the use of terminals not compatible with smartphone payments with your Galaxy. Some users did not miss underline their disappointment faced with this decision.

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“MST was the best thing when I bought my Note 8. This is why Samsung Pay works so well when NFC wasn’t available everywhere yet, so it was my primary payment method. […] NFC is now available everywhere, but sometimes it is not. So I quickly switch to Samsung Pay and MST works. I understand [la décision de Samsung], but it’s a shame ”.

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Source: Android Central