Galaxy S21: it is confirmed, there will be no charger or headphones in the box

The Galaxy S21 would indeed be sold without a charger or headphones in the box according to Roland Quandt. Samsung would thus follow in the footsteps of Apple, which justifies its approach by the fight against waste and an eco-responsible approach. The law in France requires the manufacturer to include, at a minimum, a pair of headphones just for the hexagon.

Galaxy s21

Apple has removed almost all the accessories from the box since the release of the iPhone 12. The firm at the Apple explained at length its decision during the presentation of the latest iPhone 12. The firm has indeed set ambitious objectives to fight against global warming and more generally reduce its environmental impact.

Apple has indeed included a charger and headphones since the first iPhone – and therefore considers that including these accessories each time mechanically leads the customer to “collect” from year to year the charging pads and other EarPods. The accessories in question will therefore be available from now separately for the iPhone 12, but also for all other smartphones currently sold by Apple, such as the iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone 11.

Samsung imitates Apple and will remove the charger from the Galaxy S21 box

Initially, as you might expect, many competitors, including Samsung, scoffed at Apple’s decision. But not everything went as planned: the reactions were generally rather positive. And the brands which laughed at this withdrawal suffered, on the contrary, rather negative reactions, like Xiaomi. It is therefore in this context that Renowned leaker Roland Quandt confirms that Samsung made the same decision as Apple.

There will therefore be no charger or headphones in the box of the Galaxy S21 – as rumors have already been saying for several weeks. However, it is unclear whether Samsung will apply the policy change to other smartphones already in its lineup. In France, a law of July 12, 2010 stipulates that smartphones “Cannot be marketed without an accessory making it possible to limit the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications”.

Which means that Samsung must include a pair of headphones with the Galaxy S21 in France. Fingers crossed that Samsung swaps wired headphones this time for a pair of Galaxy Buds +!