Galaxy S21: customers break the microphone when taking out the SIM drawer

The SIM drawer of the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra changes place, and is now on the lower edge of the smartphone. The problem is that the design of this drawer is confusing with other fragile elements, including a microphone. And accidental damage is on the rise.

Galaxy S21 SIM drawer design
Credit: Phonandroid

Design teams don’t always think of everything. The Galaxy S21 changes a bit in design compared to the S20. We immediately notice the new back of smartphones with their photo sensors grouped in a new protruding block. But the devil is in the details, and it turns outanother design choice, much more discreet, is talked about a lot since the release of the smartphone.

This design choice is the new SIM drawer location and especially its implementation on the bottom of the smartphone. So far nothing extraordinary, you will tell me. Except that this new placement turns out to be very awkward. Why ? Because the SIM drawer is now the neighbor of a microphone. And that the hole that allows you to open the SIM drawer has exactly the same size as the mic hole near there.

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To add to the confusion, when you take a quick look at this drawer, you can clearly be led to think that the holes are placed symmetrically on either side. It is therefore very easy to make a mistake and insert the pin that opens this drawer in the wrong hole. Samsung seems to be aware of this problem since it prints a warning on the plastic that protects the phone in its box as you can see in the image at the end of the article.

Fortunately, all smartphones in the range also come with an eSIM, which means that many customers will normally not need to open this drawer to take advantage of their package. Still, it seems a bit of a shame that Samsung hasn’t changed the design of this element a bit to make it less prone to accidental damage right out of the box.

Galaxy S21 warning
Samsung warns of the problem on the protective packaging that wraps the smartphone in the box / Credits: Sam Mobile

Source: Sam Mobile