Galaxy S21 +: a video grip unveils the phone a month before launch

At a minimum of launch, the Galaxy S21 + is revealed through a grip. A Youtubeur has just posted a 4-minute sequence in which he manipulates the device, launches a benchmark and tells us a little more about the autonomy and the photo part of the device. In a second video, the videographer compares the smartphone to its rival, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S21 + video getting started

In recent days, it is a torrent of information concerning the Galaxy S21 (or S30) which has been sweeping the Internet. After the launch date, the different colors, the information concerning the photo part and the technical sheet, it’s today … A grip that has just leaked! The S21 + is revealed in a video that verifies or denies some of the information circulating on the Web.

A small clarification before starting this overview: contrary to what the video indicates, this is not an S21, but indeed an S21 +. As one of the passages of the video indicates, the device bears the number SM-G996U, which corresponds to the “Plus”, and not to the classic model of the range.

The Galaxy S21 benefits from a matte, non-shiny back, unlike previous models

It is now a certainty, the new range of Galaxy S21 from Samsung will be fully unveiled on January 14, 2021. This year, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to make a small departure from the rule: it has advanced its usual schedule, since its Galaxy S series is generally presented in February, then marketed in the following month. Samsung even teased its S21s with the help of an official video a few days ago.

If we knew so much about him, it is a video that shows us today the S21 + from all angles. For more than 4 minutes, First observation: the back of the device confirms what the first rumors claimed. the Glossy coating of the Galaxy S has given way to a matte back, much like the one found on the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. A great first for the Galaxy S range, then, and goodbye to fingerprints.

The performance of the S21 + bury that of the S20 + and Note 20 Ultra

In terms of performance, the device is not left out: under Geekbench, it obtains a score of 1115 in single-core, and of 3326 in multi-core. This version of the device appears to be equipped with a Snapdragon 888, an SoC reserved for the American market (at least for the Galaxy S21). According to the Android Police site, the same benchmark app posted scores of 830 and 3,087 with an S20 + equipped with a Snapdragon 865.

By way of comparison, during our test of the Note 20 Ultra (equipped with an Exynos 990), we obtained a score of 834 in single-core and 2,681 in multi-core. We now hope that the Exynos 2100, which will equip the European models of the S21 range, manages to approach the results obtained with the Snapdragon 888.

The autonomy of the S21 should see a marked improvement

The Youtubeur is also satisfied with the battery of the device, explaining that the smartphone is able to last a full day, even when the device is used intensely. The new S21 + 4800 mAh battery (300 mAh more than the previous generation) is certainly no stranger to this gain in autonomy.

Finally, last point: in the video above, the Youtubeur explains that photo sensors tend to saturate certain colors, especially blue and glass. A small “defect” (which some may consider a quality) that we have often mentioned during our previous tests of the Galaxy S and A.

Get started video compares Galaxy S21 + to iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Youtubeur continues its momentum by posting a video showing the Galaxy S21 + alongside the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Obviously, the two smartphones differ by the design of their rear photo unit. If Apple relies on an imposing square block (the most prominent in the current market), Samsung prefers to rely on a rectangular block whose sensors are more discreet. The two rivals also differ on the screen side. The iPhone 12 sports a screen topped with a large notch while the S21 + is enhanced with a perforated panel. The video highlights the delicacy of the edges of the Samsung smartphone. As expected, the borders around the slab appear uniform.

All the information we have had so far corresponds exactly with that of the video. Unless there is a last minute reversal, the details provided do not therefore have to be taken in the conditional. But whatever happens, there is onlyone month to hold before the official launch of the new range of Samsung smartphones ,.