Galaxy S21 (30): Samsung to drop prices by $ 100 compared to S20

Some sources claim that Samsung plans to sell the Galaxy S21 for $ 100 less than the S20s. The range would therefore start between $ 849 and $ 899 for the standard S21, while the S21 Ultra would cost between $ 1,249 and $ 1,299. This drop would mark the end of the usual price increase introduced by the Korean firm for a few years.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

120Hz, 1440p, 45 Watts charger… The Galaxy S21 was revealed little by little over the leaks. But if the technical sheets were revealed before the hour, one piece of data remains mysterious: the price smartphones. The question may well have been answered today and, surprise, this is good news: Samsung has decided to lower prices of its future flagships compared to the Galaxy S20.

According to sources, the standard S21 would cost between 849 and 899 dollars. As a reminder, the S20 cost $ 999 when it was released, which means that Samsung would introduce a $ 100 cut from its entry level. The same goes for the S21 +, which the firm plans to sell between 1049 and 1099 dollars, against 1199 dollars for the S20 + when it was released. As for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it seems that it costs between 1249 and 1299 dollars. The S20 Ultra, it started at $ 1,399 in the United States, and € 1,349 in Europe.

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Samsung is finally lowering its prices

Although these prices are not official and therefore remain to be confirmed, we did not really expect this strategy from the Korean manufacturer. The latter has indeed accustomed us so far to systematically increase the price of its flagships year after year. In addition, this increase is more like a tradition brand than a real justification of technological advances.

On the innovation side, only the Galaxy Z Folds can claim to really offer something different. Here, Samsung does not seem to decide to make the future generation more expensive, since the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be as expensive as the Z Fold 2. To see if the company is preparing to redefine its pricing policy in the future. Answer in February 2021, when Samsung will present its new smartphones.

Source: Sam Mobile