Samsung Galaxy S21 fuite coloris

Galaxy S21 (30): new renderings reveal official smartphone colors

New renderings of the Galaxy S21 and S21 + lift the veil on the colors chosen by Samsung for its future flagships. These will be available in phantom white, rose gold, lilac purple and full black. The images also confirm the design evoked by the various leaks.

Samsung Galaxy S21 color leak

2021 is approaching and with it, the official announcement of the Galaxy S21. Scheduled for January 14th, Samsung’s event may have nothing more to announce, in view of the many leaks that abound on the web lately. The latest one concerns smartphone colors, already unveiled with the launch date and the technical sheet by a store in India, but this time was the subject of returns by the renowned leaker Roland Quandt. Four colors are present: phantom white, rose gold, lilac purple and full black.

These renderings also confirm the design of the three smartphones, as have other images and a leaked official video from Samsung. We thus find the photo block on the back of the smartphone which joined the borders, as well as the selfie sensor placed in a hole in the middle of screen. With this photo comparing the size of the borders to those of the iPhone 12, it therefore seems that there is not much more to learn from the design of the Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21 color leak

What remains to be learned about the Galaxy S21?

Not much, if we are to believe the countless information that has leaked in recent months. Maybe stay the price which is still a source of uncertainty. After initial information which affirmed that Samsung would lower its prices by $ 100 compared to the S20, it would rather seem that the latter are identical, that is to say from 900 to 1400 euros.

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As for performance, the first benchmarks have already taken place and do not appear. hardly optimistic. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would be much less powerful than the iPhone 12. To see, therefore, if its Snapdragon 888 processor, which Samsung will not offer everywhere, will ultimately be up to its direct competitor. Answer on January 14, during the official announcement.

Source: WinFuture