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Galaxy S20 and Z Flip compatible with copy and paste between Windows 10 and Android

Microsoft announces that copy-paste is now possible between Windows 10 and all the smartphones presented by Samsung last week. This therefore includes the Galaxy Z Flip and the three Galaxy S20 (S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra). Copy and paste between devices works over WiFi, but also over a cellular network.

Getting started with Samsung Galaxy S20 The Galaxy S20 is one of the first smartphones compatible with clipboard synchronization with Windows 10

Windows and Android users envy certain features developed by Apple. One of them is copy and paste between devices. You copy text in macOS or iPadOS and you copy the same text with another device. The only condition for this to work: the two devices must be connected with the same iCloud account. Quite simply. The two devices must also be connected to each other, whether by WiFi or Bluetooth.

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Microsoft has been working for several years on similar features between Windows 10 and Android. The Redmond company has developed an application called My phone (in correlation Your Phone under Windows 10) which allows you to create a bridge between a computer and a smartphone running Android. A new version of the application is coming, integrating the synchronization of the clipboard between two devices. And so, by extension, copy and paste between two or more devices.

Four compatible models, all Samsung signs

The function is not compatible with all Android smartphones. Four models are affected and they are all Samsung signed. It's about Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip. Or all the mobiles presented by Samsung on February 11th. No other device supports this function yet, even if the Microsoft My Phone application can be installed on any Android smartphone.

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For clipboard synchronization to work, the function must be activated on the two devices concerned : under Windows 10 and under Android. Open the Your Phone app in Windows 10 and My Phone Assistant in Android. Activate the setting that authorizes the transfer of copied content between devices. And voila. Note that the function is active on WiFi, but also on a cellular network (if the Synchronize on mobile data option is active).

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