Galaxy S10 wireless charger spotted

Image 1 : Le chargeur sans fil du Galaxy S10 a été repéré

Image 1: The Galaxy S10 wireless charger has been spotted

Induction charging is becoming the norm for high-end smartphones. As on its previous models, Samsung will offer this functionality on its Galaxy S10. According to a certification established by the FCC, this phone will benefit from faster technology. While the power of current models peaks at around 10W, that of the South Korean brand will reach 15W.

Samsung to offer reverse charge

In other words, in case the next Samsung flagship supports this capability, it will load much faster than other smartphones. The charger speed would then approach that provided by the Samsung Fast Charge. The tests will verify this hypothesis. For the time being, induction loading remains less efficient than the wired system.

Like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will use reverse wireless charging. The device will therefore succeed in recharging another device placed next to it, whether it’s a phone or a watch.

According to GSMArena, the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be marketed from March 8. Their price would vary from 790 to 1570 euros.

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