Galaxy Note 21: Samsung spokesperson confirms phone release in 2021

The Galaxy Note 21 would exist and would be well planned for release in 2021, according to a Samsung official. A statement that goes against the signals sent so far by the firm about the future smartphone.

Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

Will the Galaxy Note 21 be released? As all signals converge on a discontinuation of the lineup, a Samsung official today claims that the terminal is well planned for next year.

It is indeed in the columns of Yonhap News that this official, who has remained anonymous, said:

“We are preparing for the release of a Galaxy Note range next year. “

A statement that leaves little room for doubt. Yes, the Note 21, or whatever its name, is in Samsung’s plans for 2021.

What could the Note 21 bring?

Last August, Samsung released its Note 20. While the Note 20 Ultra was interesting, the classic Note 20 struggled to deliver anything interesting. It is objectively not a bad smartphone, but it did not bring any innovation that made it stand out.

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The premium flagship place is now attributed to the Z Fold and many observers, us the first, were already seeing the Korean brand abandon its Note range. A feeling reinforced by the words of Roh Tae-moon from Samsung, who had indicated that the Note would bequeath its flagship feature to the S21, namely the stylus.

Similarly, no leaker has got their hands on any proof of development of the Note 21 at Samsung, while the first leaks should already have appeared. The icing on the cake, Reuters had even claimed, a source in support, that the Note 21 was not planned by the manufacturer.

But today’s statement contradicts all this body of evidence. If Galaxy Note 21 there is in 2021, it remains to be seen what it will have of interest to offer. The Note has long been the flagship phone of the brand, its original “phablet” which relies as much on its gigantic size as its innovations. Hopefully the Note 21 revives this philosophy.

And you, do you hope for a release of the Galaxy Note 21 next year? Tell us in the comments !

Source: Yonhap