Galaxy Note 10 will benefit from 5G connectivity

We now have confirmation that the next Galaxy Note will support 5G networks, courtesy of Verizon. This is not entirely unexpected news, as Samsung made its first foray into 5G recently with the S10 5G and the source code for this device revealed that the next note (codename “davinci”) would also be compatible with 5G networks.

Galaxy Note 10 will benefit from 5G connectivity

Verizon President and CEO Hans Vestberg blurted out the news during the company’s first quarter earnings call. In response to a question from an analyst about the company’s 5G equipment pipeline, Vestberg indicated that the majority of handsets launched next year would have millimeter wave spectrum, but this year we will see a 5G Note device. , among others. This officially confirms what was already widespread and widespread.

We already know that the first two markets to acquire the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are South Korea and the United States, followed by other markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom in summer). In the United States, Verizon has the initial exclusivity to carry the S10 5G. This release model could also apply to what you might call Note 10, especially since it was Verizon that dropped the news.

5G networks in France undeniably still need time to develop, as they are only available in some cities . Still, there are plenty of more 5G devices slated for release this year as more manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology, including the Huawei mate x and the LG V50 ThinQ .

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