Galaxy Fold: Samsung will replace its screen once, but not for free

Image 1 : Galaxy Fold : Samsung remplacera son écran une fois, mais pas gratuitement

Samsung will replace the Galaxy Fold screens for $ 149 if it is damaged. The price applies only for the first replacement and only for purchases made before December 31.

Image 1: Galaxy Fold: Samsung will replace its screen once, but not for free

The new smartphone Samsung galaxy fold equipped with a foldable screen is decidedly very fragile. The smartphone launch has been delayed for four months due to screen issues. The first testers had also highlighted the fragility of the foldable screen and its hinges.

Despite all the efforts of the South Korean giant, including the modification of the upper layer of the phone, the mobile still seems to be showing signs of weakness. The firm has also published a manual as a video to give best practices to take care of and to avoid damaging the Galaxy Fold. It has also set up a dedicated service to answer questions from its users.

$ 149 for the first replacement of the screen in case of failure

According to The Verge, customers who damage the screen for the first time only will be able to request replacement for $ 149. An affordable amount for a model at such a high price, but an offer subject to conditions. Only customers who have acquired a Galaxy Fold before December 31 can enjoy it. Nothing has been communicated on the cost of a second replacement, but it should be much higher.

Let us be lenient, the Galaxy Fold is the very first Samsung smartphone to offer a foldable screen. The model could not be free from defect, and the first buyers must suspect it. The Verge also points out that in its box, the mobile is accompanied by numerous warnings and advice on use to avoid damaging it.