Galaxy Fold and Z Flip: their screens can break due to the cold

The screens of the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are visibly sensitive to extreme temperatures. According to our colleagues from the SamMobile site, the slabs of a couple’s foldable Samsung smartphones broke due to the freezing cold that currently reigns in South Korea.

cold samsung screen
Credits: Pixabay & Samsung

We have known this for a few years now. Samsung is working hard to become number 1 in the foldable smartphone market. After a first perfectible Galaxy Fold, the Seoul firm has rectified the situation with a much more convincing Galaxy Z Fold 2. In our columns, we have also awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 to the device, for its revolutionary format, its elegant design, the perfection of its screens and its high performance.

Before turning the test with the Z Fold 2, Samsung had perfected the recipe (including the hinge and the screen) with the Galaxy Z Flip. In fact, and if the two smartphones remain indisputable technical prowess, the screens remain visibly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Indeed, a couple of South Korean users discovered the panel limit of their respective Galaxy Fold and Z Flip.

cold breeze screen
Credit: SamMobile

The screens break once the -18 ° temperature is reached

As reported by our colleagues from the SamMobile site, the two users claim that the screen of their device broke on contact with the cold outside. It should be noted that South Korea is experiencing a harsh winter, with peaks that can reach -20 degrees in Seoul, the capital. We can see in the photos published by the two owners that the screens are simply out of order.

Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that the screens have died because of the South Korean cold. However, it has been proven that the cold has a direct impact on certain components of our smartphones, such as batteries for example. With the cold, materials may contract. And it’s a safe bet that the foldable and flexible screens of the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip deform more quickly in contact with negative temperatures than a conventional screen.

Either way, Samsung has yet to officially react to the misadventures of these two users. Will the manufacturer confirm the explanation of the two users and recognize a weakness of AMOLED Infinity Flex displays at low temperatures or will he attribute these breakdowns to poor handling on the part of the owners? We will update this article when we hear more about this matter.

Source: SamMobile