Galaxy Buds Pro: towards a return to intra design on the next Samsung headphones

The Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung’s next wireless headphones, could once again adopt the intra format popularized on the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +. Active noise reduction would also be part of the game.

galaxy buds +
Credit: Samsung

Remember, in August 2020, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Buds Live. These new wireless headphones accompany the release of the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Exit the traditional intra-design of the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +, the Galaxy Buds Live adopt a particular shape, in the shape of a bean.

Problem, this design does not allow Galaxy Buds Live to offer excellent sound isolation. Worse, active noise reduction frankly struggles to reduce ambient noise. Well aware of having missed the boat with the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung could decide to go back to a more classic design on Galaxy Buds Pro, the brand’s next wireless headphones.

Intra format and active noise reduction in the program

As reported to us by our colleagues from the SamMobile site, the in-ear format is making a big comeback, with silicone tips that are wedged directly into the ear canal. Without surprise, active noise reduction would still be there, and should offer a much more convincing result thanks to this new design.

In addition, the “Ambient sound” mode which allows you to hear the surrounding noises, introduced on the Galaxy Buds Live, would also answer the call. “Noise reduction performance should be better than the Galaxy Buds Live, at least in theory, since the in-ear format effectively seals the ear canal to provide a natural level of noise reduction ”, SamMobile journalists hope.

As a reminder, the name of its future headphones is not yet fixed. If several certifications with the telecoms authorities in Indonesia, Korea or China suggest that they will be called Galaxy Buds Pro, a patent application from Samsung Electronics to the British Intellectual Property Office indicates another possible name: Samsung Buds Sound.

Anyway, we will have to wait for new information from Samsung to be sure. It is possible that these headphones will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S21, whose presentation would be scheduled for January 14, 2021. To be continued.

Source: SamMobile