Galaxy Buds Pro and Smart Tag: stolen photos reveal Samsung headphones and Bluetooth tracker

The Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung’s new wireless headphones, and the Smart Tag, Tile’s competing Bluetooth tracker, are revealed in a series of stolen photos that have appeared on the web. Indeed, a user put the Buds Pro on sale on Facebook Martketplace several days before the official presentation. For its part, the Smart Tag appeared on the site of a Taiwanese certification body.

galaxy buds pro photos
Galaxy Buds Pro photos posted on Marketplace.

The Galaxy Buds Pro have been put up for sale by a user on Facebook Marketplace, the social network’s peer-to-peer sales platform, while their existence has not yet been officially confirmed by Samsung. In the advertisement, the seller admits that the product is not available in the market. However, he does not specify how he was able to obtain the headphones. It will be recalled that a test of the Galaxy Buds Pro has already been published on YouTube.

Quickly deleted, Announcement Confirms Wireless Headphones Design. As expected, Samsung has already decided to ditch the bean-shaped design of the Galaxy Buds Live. There are in-ear tips similar to those of the AirPods Pro. As a reminder, the Buds Pro are equipped with active noise reduction technology.

Leak confirms arrival of Samsung Smart Tag

At the same time, the Galaxy Smart Tags, Samsung’s first Bluetooth trackers, have passed through the hands of a Taiwan certification body, the NCC. The leak confirms the design of the beacons. The manufacturer opts for similar construction to Tile’s trackers, the industry leader. There is thus a small hole to attach the Smart Tag to a keychain or hang it on the strap of a backpack.

According to Max Weinbach, a renowned informant, the tag will be compatible with the Note 20 Ultra, Fold 2, and the Galaxy S21. The accessory embeds ultra wideband (UWB) technology, or Ultra Wide Band, allowing beacons to locate objects even through furniture or buildings.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Smart Tag on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at a highly anticipated Unpacked conference. During the event, the South Korean firm will mainly announce the Galaxy S21 (S30). We tell you more as soon as possible about the brand’s new products. While waiting for the conference, we await your opinion in the comments.

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