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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter5.17

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a very good shoot’em up on Android that offers a host of levels with increasing difficulty and well dosed. The bosses are more and more tough and the graphics as well as the sound effects are treated with little onions. An essential of its kind on Android smartphones and tablets!

A benchmark for shoot’em up on Android

Galaxy Attack: Alien ShooterIf the genre of shoot’em up has always had the wind in its sails and an audience of enthusiasts, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for Android gives a fresh air to this full-fledged genre of video games. In this title, the principle is simple but very delicate, to overcome the swarms of enemy ships on the screen while harvesting the weapon and ship improvements.

If the goal of the game seems simple, dodging the movements of the ships and their missiles may put your reflexes and patience to the test over the many levels available. The difficulty is well gauged and growing with increasingly powerful bosses and enemy ships.

Improvements available

In addition to the bonuses gleaned over the levels, it is possible to buy an improvement with gold coins and apply them before starting a level. During the game, items also allow you to move from one ship to another for more power. Going through the menu, the game improves the power of the different ships, here too with the gold coins won in combat.

An epic atmosphere alone or with others

Whether it’s its neat graphics, its epic soundtrack and its excellent playability, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter stands out as a classic of the genre. The destruction effects are well done and the whole remains fluid even when the opponents surge on the screen.

Note also a multiplayer mode allowing you to challenge a friend or a player at random on the same levels. However, gold coins are required before each game in multiplayer, coins won thanks to the solo.