Galaxy A72: a benchmark reveals a cheaper version in 4G

Samsung is also preparing a 4G version of the Galaxy A72. This one was crossed on Geekbench which reveals the nature of its platform. It is based on a Snapdragon 720G, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. Identified by the serial number SM-A725F and passed through the hands of an Asian certification body, it could be formalized very quickly.

Samsung Galaxy A72 5G

It is almost obvious that Samsung will present the different versions of the Galaxy S21 in advance. The complete leaks on their technical sheets are increasing on the new models. Some countries are even announcing the opening of pre-orders. In addition, the sales figures of Galaxy s20 are not good, despite their many qualities. The number of smartphones sold by Samsung is at its lowest. The Korean firm therefore has every interest in renewing its premium offer.

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On the Galaxy A side, Samsung could also advance their arrival. One of the smartphones concerned would be the Galaxy a72 on which we relayed several rumors and leaks, including high definition visuals from French leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer which reveal many details about the photographic equipment. You can discover one of them as an illustration of this article.

A version equipped with a 4G compatible SoC

This smartphone is expected in 5G version. But several pieces of information suggest thata cheaper 4G version would also be planned. Two sources in fact concur in this conclusion. The first is Geekbench. A smartphone has appeared in the databases of the famous benchmark. It bears the serial number SM-A725F. It is very logically a variation of the Galaxy A72.

Geekbench reveals that this smartphone is equipped with a Snapdragon 720G and 8 GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 720G is an SoC released in early 2020. It integrates 8 hearts Kryo 465 (2 powerful and six energy efficient), one GPU Adreno 618 and a modem Snapdragon X15, 4G compatible (LTE category 15). It is therefore not able to connect in 5G, unlike the previously crossed versions of the Galaxy A72. But it should also be much cheaper to buy, in order to compete more strongly with Chinese brands.

The second source is a leaker that we follow regularly. In a message posted on Twitter (and which you can find below), he reveals a list of smartphones certified by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). In this list, you find the two versions of the Galaxy A72: 5G version (SM-A726) and 4G version (SM-A725). Remember that the letters that end the serial numbers at Samsung are area codes. The presence of the Galaxy A72 in this list seems to confirm an imminent launch. An officialization in January is even very likely.

Source: Geekbench