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Future iPhone and iPad could recognize calligraphy

iPad calligraphie

Apple is continuing to study handwriting recognition for touchscreens, but the latest patents also cover the display of handwriting on the iPhone and iPad screens.

iPad calligraphy

Apple has previously filed several patents on aspects of handwriting recognition, but the one we're talking about today relates to both recognition and visualization of handwriting. In addition to actually recognizing and responding to a user who writes on the screen, the device can also recreate the written text. The aim is to make the use of IT equipment more natural and in particular to reduce the number of clicks and keys on the mouse, screen or trackpad to select and manipulate objects on the screen.

In U.S. Patent 20200034037 titled “Device, Method and Graphical User Interface for Simulation and Interaction with Handwritten Text” Apple says:

Traditional methods of carrying out these manipulations are cumbersome and ineffective. For example, using a base input sequence on the mouse to select one or more user interface objects and perform one or more actions on the selected user interface objects is tedious and creates a significant cognitive load for an user. These methods take longer than necessary, which results in a waste of energy. This last consideration is particularly important in battery powered devices.

Apple describes the sequence of events that a user will see:

A device receives an input between users which corresponds to a sequence of characters. In response to user input, the device displays simulated handwriting that also includes changing the appearance of characters in user-written text.

The detail of the patent concerns the manner in which a system can meet different uses, including for example the manner of designating and how the characters are written.

iPad calligraphy

In addition to pattern recognition, the patent also explains how to monitor the pressure on the screen.