Funny or stupid? Here is the new fashion that can destroy your smartphone

Funny or stupid? Here is the new fashion that can destroy your smartphone

Every week, a new fashion is appearing on the Internet. This week, it's about smartphones. Named Extreme Phone Pinching, it consists of challenging the courage (or stupidity) of users by placing their smartphone in risky situations. Some celebrities have even joined this trend.

What does not kill your smartphone makes it stronger?

On the Internet, it's not just the news that travels the speed of light, the modes also. A few months ago, it was the phnomne Ice Bucket Challenge that had invaded the web. The goal of the participants was to tip over or have a bucket of ice water poured over their heads, and then invite one or more friends to do the same. The goal of this challenge was to mediate the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Behind this new trend, there is no good cause but it may well end up having to pay a few hundred euros to buy a new mobile. Extreme Phone Pinching challenges people to put the phone in a risky situation. Those who accept the challenge must hold their phone with two fingers and hang it over a cliff or other dangerous place. But as always, some users go even further.

The objective of this challenge is questionable, but it seems that many users are getting caught up in the game. The very popular Taylor Swift has put her own smartphone in danger. Everyone who participates uses the hashtag #extremephonepinching.

Who is behind this trend?

For the moment, it seems that this is limited to the fashion phenomenon on the Internet. It's just the nerves of people who accept the challenge or who look at the photos that are put tough proof. Since all smartphones will not survive this activity (as seen in the video below), the main beneficiaries are manufacturers or repairers of equipment, but it is unlikely that it will be a grip of this industry. the origin of this trend.

What do you think of this new fashion?

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