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Fukushima operator must migrate without delay

Firefox says goodbye to Windows XP

The Japanese group Tokyo Electric Power Company is being talked about again. Not in his capacity as operator of the Fukushima nuclear power station with a fatal fate but for a story of Windows XP. Any rapprochement between these two cases will be penalized with… -1.

The information was spotted by the caustic The Register. With the idea of ​​saving nearly $ 30 million, an economy still good to take after the disaster of April 11, 2011, Tepco had decided to continue using Windows XP workstations until 2018.

Tepco-logoExcept that as a reminder, support for Windows XP by Microsoft ended on April 8, 2014 and unless you pay for expensive custom support, there is no longer any security update for this operating system.

Following an audit carried out last March by the body that oversees the finances of the Japanese government and its agencies, it was revealed that 48,000 Tepco computers connected to the Internet are still running Windows XP.

The nationalized Tepco group in 2012 was therefore asked – not to say required – to migrate these workstations as quickly as possible due to the inherent risks of cybersecurity.

A Tepco spokesperson told AFP that the group made the decision to speed up the migration schedule on its own, but did not specify a deadline.