Fuel shortage: this is the best way to find fuel

Fuel shortage: this is the best way to find fuel

Because of a haul truck drivers carrying hazardous materials (fuels, gas …), gas stations are increasingly empty. A shortage is beginning to settle in some regions, especially in France, and queues at a few stations that are supplied continue to grow. Faced with this difficult situation, I propose a solution to find as easily as possible a service station that offers fuel.

How to avoid the galler of the gasoline outage?

Most Android users who drive daily are already familiar with applications to find the nearest gas stations and compare prices between them. We can cite the excellent app Essence which, although originally a price comparator of different gas stations, this week offers a map of France with the status of petrol stations in real time. In the same way, there is also Gasoil Now on Android too.

However, both apps are victims of their success now and it is very difficult to connect and access information because the servers are often saturated.

Essence & Co, save on your car budget
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Petrol / Gasoil Now – Compare Prices
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The card, the ultimate solution!

Fortunately, in times of crisis, solidarity between motorists is organized. Essence offers a map of the whole France feeds in real time by the information of Internet users.

Best price: Samsung Galaxy S8

Best price

Just click on this link from your smartphone to be able to access the latest news at any time or download the app. If you want to participate the card and enrich the info, you can use the application.

You can enrich yourself the information of the map

Finally, do not forget the social networks (but your friends) to improve your search. The hashtags #essence and #penuriecarburant are the most followed. Precious information is shared every moment.

Are you touched by the shortage of gas? How did you manage to find an open gas station? Share your tips!

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