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Fuel shortage: all applications to find open stations and refuel

Following the national grievance of December 5, 2019, some service stations are in shortage of gasoline. Fortunately, if you have trouble filling up, we have some applications and maps to be sure to find an open gas station!

gasoline shortage

Fuel shortage: how long can it last?

This Thursday, December 5, the mobilization against the pension reform is rather massive with 245 gatherings and demonstrations in all France. 90% of TGVs and 80% of TERs were canceled with disrupted public transport in most major cities. Suddenly users fall back on the car, but again it is not necessarily possible to refuel depending on the region.

The petroleum deposition of Fos, for example, was affected by a strike notice. There were also blockages near Frjus Puget-sur-Argens as well as Saint-Jean-de-Braye near Orlans or Feysin in the Rhne.The Total-La Mde refinery is also targeted by a blockage – with the CGT which affirms that nothing will enter or leave the deposit until 9 December. Seven refineries are on strike, and there are only two refineries in France supplying the stations.

As a result, some resorts are already breaking, especially in the northwest quarter of the country. The shortage of fuel is amplified by panic movements with motorists who rush to the stations hoping to refuel.

According to Essence & Co, as we write these lines, 266 service stations are out of order and 415 stations are partially broken. Discover these applications and maps to find stations with gasoline available and others that report stations completely dry.

The map of petrol stations in short supply of fuel

Essence & Co offers an updated map of petrol stations in shortage of gasoline and diesel. This map is crowdsource from user data in the field.

The best apps for finding gas

We recommend that you install apps on your smartphone to be sure to find gasoline on your way. The application offered by the map above is an excellent choice. But we also offer you a top of the best apps to find gasoline:

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Social networks complement

Finally, to complete all the data already collected, you can also glean some information on social networks. The hashtags #essence and #penuriecarburant are the most followed.

But the whole thing is a bit confusing. You have to dig into a few articles here and there for more information. It's not the best way to learn about emergency, but it allows you to get an overview of the situation.

Well, with all this information, if you find yourself in the roadside is almost because you wash well research. We're joking, obviously. Do not forget, stay connected but think about your safety.