Apple seizes face recognition specialist RealFace

FTC seeks abuse of dominance in Apple's Beats streaming offering

While the European Commission checks whether the arrival of the Californian group on the market music streaming will not be accompanied by an impoverishment of the diversity of supply for consumers, the FTC ((Federal Trade Commission) does the same in the United States.

logo_pro_apple The economic weight of the American group almost automatically triggers an at least informal investigation by regulators when it arrives in a new business segment but the case is complicated by rumors of pressure from Apple to remove the free streaming offers musical.

These Freemium proposals Present in some players of music streaming allow to taste the service and aim to convert free users into paid subscribers, Spotify being a master of the genre in terms of subscriber conversion.

The FTC therefore wants to verify that Apple is not using its relationships with the music industry supported by the success of its iTunes platform to hinder competition, which would constitute an abuse of a dominant position.

This is only a routine investigation and there is still no evidence that the apple firm has beenhave in a reprehensible manner, despite the rumors. The fact remains that illegal cartels with publishers to set the price of ebooks sold on its portal encourages regulators to be cautious and circumspect.

Apple's Beats music streaming service should be announced during developer conference WWDC in early June but the service will not be effective until a few weeks later, along with expanded access by iTunes Radio to many markets.