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French plans for the iPhone!

orange.jpgSoon a week from the launch ofiPhone in France, the plans have not yet been announced by Orange and will apparently be announced on the day of the release, November 29.

These infos excluded are available thanks to a large leak (again) from an internal source at Orange.

Some speak of a fake, others confirm this information. In any case, the brochure has been produced extremely well if it is a fake.

Here are the different packages:

49 / month : 2h + 2h evening and w-e + 50 sms

59 / month : 3h + 3h evening and w-e + 100 sms

79 / month : 5h + 5h evening and w-e + 150 sms

119 / month : 8h + 8h evening and w-e + 1000 sms

These plans will be accompanied by visual voicemail and a plan Internet via Wireless supposedly unlimited from 500 MB maximum under 100h connection to Orange hotspots.

We feel that there will be a protest as in G-B to get unlimited real access to the internet.

Source: Mac4ever

@ Alex