French Black Friday

french people spent 57 billion euros in 2014

While the French still believe that the economic context remains difficult, spending with online sales sites has increased significantly, posting + 11% compared to 2013 in value.

e-commerce In 2014, the French spent 57 billion euros on online stores, against 51.5 billion euros in 2013, reports the FEVAD (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling).

Online commerce is doing quite well and now represents 9% of all purchases made in France, excluding food products.

Mars Lolivier, general delegate of FEVAD welcomes results "slightly higher than expected."

But if the overall increases, the average basket of buyers is down 4% to settle at 81 euros per transaction. In total, online sales sites would have recorded 700 million transactions, an increase of 15%. A lower basket, but an increasing number of orders for a total spent of € 1,625 per year per French.

Once again, the end of the year period and Christmas shopping represented the bulk of the activity of e-merchants. More than in the past, Black Friday sales set the tone with record reductions to set the stage for Christmas sales. From November to December 2014, 11.4 billion euros were spent on online sites.

The big winner in this increase in online sales remains Amazon, which had 2 million unique visitors per day in the last quarter of 2014.

Note that the FEVAD figures only relate to online commerce sites resident in France and that if buyers consider the Internet to be a fair for good deals, more and more users are also risking making better deals still in learning about the joys of importing, whether ordering in the European Union or directly from sales platforms located in China.