French 5G is incompatible with iPhone 12s for the moment

Several iPhone 12 owners complain at SFR and Bouygues Telecom that they cannot use 5G for the moment. The problem would come from Apple, which is slow to provide the adequate operator settings for Bouygues and SFR.

iPhone 12 5G
Credit: Unsplash

Want to buy the iPhone 12 for be one of the first to test 5G in France ? You might as well say it right away: you would have been better off buying one of the best 5G Android smartphones. Customers of the latest iPhones are not able to connect to the 5G network where it is available, despite their subscription to a 5G package. To date, only SFR and Bouygues offer access to a 5G network, on a limited basis.

At SFR, the 5G network is only available in the agglomeration of Nice. As for Bouygues, to take advantage of 5G, you have to be in Montpellier, Nice, Lyon, Le Havre, Reims or Nancy. In addition, we are for the moment, in both cases, more on a 5G “core network”. It is therefore impossible in all cases for the moment to take advantage of 5G mmWave technology in France.

SFR, Bouygues and Apple are slow to provide the right settings for 5G on the iPhone 12 in France

With the iPhone 12, it is currently impossible to take advantage of 5G in France. To believe several comments from Internet users, the problem comes from both operators and Apple. Apple seems to be slow to provide adequate operator profiles to allow its smartphones to hook up to the right network.

But it is also possible that it was the operators who were slow to send their settings to Apple on time. On Twitter anyway, everyone is going about their little theory: “This does not come from Apple but from @SFR which must deploy or which should have carried out an operator update”, guess for example @kristopheman on Twitter.

“No, it’s clearly Apple that makes it take a long time before an update is deployed after maybe SFR could have done it before to be ready but hey I don’t know if it was possible”, retorts @ tomy020302. The problem seems in any case very specific to France since cross-border workers seem to be successful in hooking up foreign 5G networks.

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“I am also a cross-border worker, but with Luxembourg, and my lux package also works in 5G with my iPhone 12 bought in France”, explains @Onestbienparici. Other users note that the operator firmware version is 44.0 – when the new settings become available it will be possible to confirm this, in addition to 5G connectivity with the incremental change of this version number.