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FreeWifi Connect2.1

Free and easy to configure, FreeWifi will allow you to easily connect to Free’s hot spots around you. Very practical for troubleshooting!

Since June 2009, Free has transformed its boxes into “hot spots” open to freenautes (for the system to work, you simply need to obtain a hot spot identifier by performing a manipulation on its own freebox via the address https: // wifi. The system works perfectly, but when you log in, you must systematically enter a username (not necessarily easy to remember) and the chosen password. Fortunately, with FreeWifi, this forbidding manipulation will henceforth belong to the past.

Indeed, you just need to enter these two pieces of information in the application, then connect to a FreeWifi network via the WiFi menu of your Android smartphone (or other device with Wi-Fi) and finally press the button. “Connect” so that the software takes care of entering the information for you. In addition, a map of hot spots is available, rather useful for planning a trip and knowing if you will find something to connect nearby.

Aimed especially at users who have neither access to a secure Wi-Fi network nor to 3G (or who no longer have a plan), this application helps out well, despite the few connection problems that may be encountered at times. To connect to a Freewifi network, you sometimes have to be patient!