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Freedom APK2.0.9

What to do with Freedom?

Freedom APKLike Lucky Patcher, Freedom is an Android application that allows you to generate a fake means of payment and bypass the Google Play Store permissions to access free paid content from certain applications.

It is simply a question here of testing its functionality and not of promoting its use. On this point, certain functions being illegal in many countries, the editorial team declines all responsibility for the use of this application.

How to use it ?

First of all, the application requires a rooted Android device, a smartphone or a tablet whose user has administrator rights and privileges. To learn more about root, we recommend this detailed article. Freedom offers a list of Android games and applications installed on the device, just click on the app of your choice to enjoy a virtual and free payment method.

In all illegality and at the risk of the user, Freedom allows you to take advantage of free gold coins, additional lives or remove ads and benefit from additional functions on Android games and applications.