Freebox V6: € 35 tax on private copying?

Freebox revolution: soon new PLC blocks and Wi-Fi up to 1.3 Gb / s

Image 1: Freebox V6: € 35 tax on private copying?Free may well have to pay a tax of 35 euros on private copying as part of its new Freebox V6 offer.

The Freebox V5 offers 40 GB of storage while the V6 goes to 250 GB. But now, the hard drive of the new Freebox is located in the server part of the device. Since then, it escaped the tax on private copying. However, this did not go smoothly with the commission on private copying which heard Free yesterday on this subject.

By establishing a ratio between the Freebox V5 and V6, the factor of the tax would be a x6. The commission has granted a discount to Free by offering it a factor x3.5. The previous tax amounting to 10 € HT, that of the V6 would reach 35 € HT. The fate of this tax will be determined at subsequent meetings.