Freebox: the two updated boxes

Freebox revolution: soon new PLC blocks and Wi-Fi up to 1.3 Gb / s

Image 1: Freebox: the two updated boxes

The two boxes of the Freebox Revolution were updated yesterday. The Player goes to version 1.2.3 and the Server in 1.1.7.

The new firmware Server does not add functionality. It just fixes bugs such as the detection of the call duration on DECT phones or a spelling error on the mention “Temporarily locked access” that the Player can display.

The Player benefits from a little more innovation with the addition of links to accounts Youtube and Dailymotion, a page with network information and support for playlists and favorites. In addition, numerous improvements and corrections have been made, the list of which follows below.

Remember that to be able to benefit from these updates, the user must restart his devices. On the Player, go to the settings menu on the TV and select “Restart”. For the Server, everything takes place on its small monochrome screen. Go to the “Menu”, then “System” and finally “Restart”.

Player Update

Web Videos / DailyMotion

  • Adding links to web video accounts and Dailymotion in the menu “Manage my account / Manage my user accounts”
  • Added support for playlists (# 10252)
  • Added support for Favorites (# 8438)


  • Loss of association between the remote control and the Freebox Player when the HDMI-CEC is activated (# 11061)

TV interface

  • Long press on the Info key rendering the other key presses apart from Free inoperative (# 10929)
  • Adding a setting to permanently activate closed captioning (# 4558)
  • Interchange between the PiP and main chain with a key (# 10928)


  • Add multiple selections to records (# 8324)
  • Updated recording time in title (# 10586)
  • Display of the actual duration of the recordings in the schedule (# 10081)
  • Ability to disable PiP during Timeshifting (# 10998)
  • Radio recording can now be recursive (# 6856)
  • Improved display of recordings (duration, status, etc.)
  • Adding the flow type in the schedule (# 11088)


  • Improved authentication of the Twitter client on the server
  • Menu button inactive in the “Web videos” and Dailymotion application (# 10913)
  • Improved reliability of volume change with a network remote control (# 10978)
  • Calibration button cannot be selected (# 10958, # 11023)
  • Addition of an information page containing network information