Freebox Revolution: Server update to 1.1.6

Freebox: the Server box is updated to 2.0.3

Image 1: Freebox Revolution: Server update to 1.1.6Freebox Server

The box Server of the Freebox Revolution goes to version 1.1.6 thanks to the operation of an update currently deployed.

The Freebox modem and router does not benefit from new features, but only from bug fixes. To benefit from it, simply reboot the Freebox Revolution via the box preference menu Media center or by disconnecting and reconnecting the power plug.

Here is the list of fixes:

– Parameters Loss of WiFi parameters on whitelisting (# 10004, # 10018) – DynDNS Connection badly reported by the DynDNS client (# 9982) – Internet access Loss of services after a certain time (# 9912, # 9899) – Telephony Loss of telephone service requiring a reboot (# 9895, # 9968, # 9417) Presentation of the number absent in RJ11 with certain telephone models (# 9832) Parameter Activate the DECT base not saved after reboot (# 9857)