Freebox Revolution: infrared optional

Freebox revolution: soon new PLC blocks and Wi-Fi up to 1.3 Gb / s

Image 1: Freebox Revolution: optional infrared

A box for infrared remote controls will soon appear in the accessories catalog for the Freebox Revolution.

It will allow owners of universal remote controls to use them with their ADSL box. This device will normally connect via USB to the Freebox. Soon available, this product is not yet priced. As pointed out by our colleagues from Tom’s Hardware, SFR, for its part, has taken the decision to integrate an infrared receiver alongside the radio receiver.

This innovation is part of the list of promises not kept by Niel when the Freebox Revolution was announced. Univers Freebox has compiled this list and the availability of each of its points. So the bridge mode, which will disable the router, is planned for this summer. Function NAS available from outside should arrive in the same period.

The other missing options are sine die. We are talking about the mosaic of TV channels, 3D Blu-ray playback, Flash support or the integration of an alarm clock and Free Wi-Fi. Personal TV, for its part, will be accessible via an external box, to be purchased on the Free website or in Freestore.