Freebox Delta, Pop, Revolution, One: this update improves speeds and fixes several bugs

Free continues to deploy patches on the servers of its various boxes. On the program, the integration of a new API for optimizing the Wi-Fi configuration for Freebox Connect and the correction of several bugs.

freebox pop
Credit: Freebox Pop

As the end of the year approaches, Free continues to deploy updates on the servers of these different boxes, namely the Freebox Delta, Revolution, Mini 4K, One and the latest, the Freebox Pop. Baptized 4.2.7, this new firmware update integrates an optimization API for the Wi-Fi configuration for Freebox Connect.

As a reminder, Freebox Connect is a mobile application that allows Freebox customers to easily monitor the status of their Freebox equipment. For example, it is possible to suspend the Wi-Fi on your children’s devices, to plan network cuts or to quickly share a QR code with your friends, so that they connect to your Wi-Fi in a few seconds.

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freebox repeater
Credit: Free

In addition, this patch also improves the throughput of stations connected to repeaters. We will then note the correction of several bugs, starting with vulnerabilities in parental control. Indeed, notifications from certain messaging services such as WhatsApp still reached their recipient, and those despite parental controls. It is not the case anymore.

Next, a fix was deployed on guest Wi-Fi in “Internet only” mode with the Pop Wi-Fi repeater. As a reminder, this accessory available only with the Freebox Pop, Delta and Delta S offers allows extend the Wi-Fi range of your Freebox in “all the rooms in your home, including the most distant ”, ensures the operator on its official website. Note that it will be necessary to restart your repeater so that it can migrate to version 1.2.8 of the firmware.

As a reminder, Free has already deployed an update for the Freebox Delta, Pop, Revolution, Mini 4K and One in mid-November. This update mainly fixed minor bugs, such as the inability to use the “equals” character in the OpenVPN server password, or to save changes to display settings. In parallel with these multiple updates, Free is preparing to unveil its 5G offers.

Source: Freebox