Free-YouTube case: the UFC seizes the authorities

Free-YouTube case: the UFC seizes the authorities

Image 1: Free-YouTube case: the UFC seizes the authorities

The YouTube slowdowns affair among subscribers of Free will have finally reacted theUFC-What to Choose. The consumer association has just sent a letter to the DGCCRF et al’Arcep, asking them to investigate the ISP to determine its responsibility.

It was after receiving “many Free subscriber alerts” that UFC-Que Choisir made the decision to contact Arcep and the DGCCRF. The association’s demands are simple: “obtain real network neutrality, and be able to connect from any operator on any site fairly”, as Cédric Musso explains to us on the phone, director of institutional relations at UFC-Que Choisir. He believes that these connection problems since Free to certain sites, and more particularly Youtube, could be considered a reason for termination by subscribers, although Niel has never sought to hide the problems between the operator and the video site. For the boss of Free, the fault indeed lies with YouTube, which would refuse to invest enough to finance connectivity to its servers.

It is therefore an investigation which is requested by the UFC-Que Choisir, which very much hopes that its “mail will not remain a dead letter”. The timing is indeed interesting, since this request comes a few days after a bill on net neutrality was raised by the deputy Laure de la Raudière. This is not the first time that a French operator has been involved in a problem of this kind, since the case between Orange and Cogent had already caused a stir last year. On his blog, Alain Bazot, president of UFC-Que Choisir, calls for “the establishment of clear rules” in order to avoid the explosion of “problems of interconnection between the various actors of which consumers are victims”.

For now, the consumer association therefore refuses to get carried away, recognizing that it can be “very long” before this request leads to a concrete result for Internet users.