Free will be a candidate for the 4G license

Free sets foot in home automation with SMS notifications

Image 1: Free will be a candidate for the 4G license

Free will apply for a 4G license. The State should offer them to operators next summer.

With a 3G license in your pocket, the Iliad subsidiary intends to win the bet again with 4G. Maxime Lombardini, general manager of Iliad, explained in an interview on BFM “That we are going to be a candidate, normally, to have frequencies for 4G. The deployment will not immediately turn into 4G commercial services. We are talking about something that will come in several years. “

Free simply hopes that the state will not ask for astronomical sums. “The state must find a happy medium between drawing money from frequencies […] and not to handicap the actors. “ However, unlike its 3G license, Free will compete well with Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom from the call for applications. Thus, it will not be in a position to negotiate downward the 4G license.

Four candidates for how many licenses?

Image 2: Free will be a candidate for the 4G licenseMaxime Lombardini adds “That we do not yet know the details of the terms of the call for applications, but it is important that all mobile operators can have access to these frequencies. Otherwise there is going to be an undesirable form of turning back. “ Indeed, it is not yet known how many licenses will be available next summer. If there were only three, it could spell the end for one of the four suspected operators in the running.

Confident, Maxime Lombardini also talks about his agreement with Orange to have the latter’s 2G and 3G antennas. “It is not provided for in our agreement. Now, nothing prevents the time when, if Orange agrees, to expand it to 4G. “