Free Wi-Fi: the pitfalls to avoid

Free Wi-Fi: the pitfalls to avoid

The dangers of free Wi-Fi

Image 1: Free Wi-Fi: the pitfalls to avoid

In a few years, the Free WIFI spread like wildfire. It is accessed in restaurants, the hotels, the street, the parks, the public transport or on his holiday destination. Few public places are nowadays where you cannot have a free access point. Wherever you are, you can therefore easily connect to the web… and even at home, it is possible to take advantage of the neighbor’s connection without paying a single penny (if yes, legally, of course).Image 2: Free Wi-Fi: the pitfalls to avoid

An act of piracy so easy …

The fact remains that free Wi-Fi is not not always as easygoing that it claims, and above all, that it can present many risks for its users. Because nothing certifies that the connection is completely secure and that someone is not recovering all the data that your computer, your smartphone or tablet is sending and receiving. You should therefore be extremely careful when you connect, even if you are sure of the terminal to which you are connecting. From a legal point of view, it is obviously strictly prohibited to hack a Wi-Fi hotspot or pretending to be an access point in order to steal information from connected people. However, the thing is sometimes so easy, that it arouses many desires among amateur or confirmed hackers. So avoid getting hacked by following the tips presented below.