Free Trial Policies For Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, And More - GKZ Hitech

Free Trial Policies For Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, And More – GKZ Hitech

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  • 1 Netflix (30 days free, $ 9-16 / month)
  • 2 Amazon Prime Video (30-day trial, $ 13 / month or $ 119 / year)
  • 3 Hulu (one month free, $ 6-12 / month)
  • 4 Disney + (7-day trial, $ 7 / month)
  • 5 HBO Now / Go (7 days free, $ 15 / month)
  • 6 CBS All Access (7-day trial, $ 6-10 / month)
  • seven YouTube TV (5-day trial, $ 50 / month)
  • 8 YouTube Premium (one month trial, $ 12 / month)
  • 9 AT&T tvNOW (7 days free, $ 65-135 / month)
  • ten Sling TV ($ 10 off your first month, $ 30-45 + / month)
  • 11 Criterion Channel (14 day trial, $ 11 / month)
  • 12 Pluto TV (free)
  • 13 Kanopy (free)

Whether you're stuck at work at home, watching the kids or at the lock (or three!), Chances are you're watching more TV and movies than you have had in a long time. It's also possible that you didn't want to pay like, eight new service subscriptions that you didn't keep and that you wanted to try a few (maybe, uh, with a new email address and a credit card different) while the current situation with coronavirus continues to unfold. Fortunately, we have put this information together in this unique and practical message. Free trial policies for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube TV, Hulu and more (plus some totally free services you may not know about).

Netflix (30 days free, $ 9-16 / month)

Netflix offers 30 days free on all levels, including the Premium level of $ 16 / month with Ultra HD (4K) content. This level allows up to 4 devices to stream at the same time, so if you're right here for the test, it makes sense to choose this option. Netflix will allow you to open a 30-day trial account with any email address not previously associated with the service.


Amazon Prime Video (30-day trial, $ 13 / month or $ 119 / year)

If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, now may be the time to register, if only to accumulate various things and distribute Prime Video. Prime Video offers a pretty solid selection of originals and movies, but they also have tons of TVs and movies available for rental or pay-per-view, as well as add-ons for most major premium channels like HBO. if you want to have more than one stop video experience.

You get 30 days of free Prime access, and even existing Amazon accounts are eligible for the free trial once every 12 months if they have had Prime in the past, so check and see if you qualify.

Hulu (one month free, $ 6-12 / month)

Hulu offers a month of free trial, and like Netflix, you only need an email address that isn't linked to Hulu. The one-month trial is available for levels funded by advertising ($ 6 / month) and without advertising ($ 12 / month). Hulu has a fairly wide selection of rotating movies (albeit far from Netflix) and day after day or week access after numerous television and cable television missions like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Rick & Morty.

You can also sign up for Hulu's cord cutter service, Hulu TV, for a week-long trial. It's $ 55 / month thereafter, and includes advertising-funded Hulu.

Hulu's Disney + and ESPN + plan is a bargain $ 13 / month, but doesn't have a free trial option.

Disney + (7-day trial, $ 7 / month)

Disney + doesn't have the best free trial on the market, just a week, but it's arguably the strongest library outside of Netflix for the value of mian content (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and each Disney Movie), which makes its price of $ 7 / month fairly easy to justify. You can also just buy an annual subscription for $ 70 / year, which is a pretty decent discount on the monthly price.

HBO Now / Go (7 days free, $ 15 / month)

Game of Thrones and all other iconic HBO series can be handy with HBO Now, but they will only be free for 7 days. After that, it's $ 15 / month.

note, AT&T Unlimited & More and AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless subscribers get free HBO Go, which has the same content as Now, just inside a slightly different web application and player. Simply log in using the AT&T Wireless provider option in the HBO Go app or on the HBO Go website.

CBS All Access (7-day trial, $ 6-10 / month)

CBS All Access offers a 7-day trial if you sign up via the web or mobile, after which it charges $ 6 / month if you want ads, $ 10 / month if you don't. It should be noted that this includes access not only to all CBS missions, but to every episode of Star Trek, including the new Discovery and Picard series.

YouTube TV (5-day trial, $ 50 / month)

YouTube TV is the Google Cordcutter subscription that includes a bunch of cable channels like CNN, Cartoon Network, FXX, BBC America, HGTV, and more. If you don't have a cable and just want to see if you would pay a month or two while you are stuck at home, it is much more convenient than getting a real cable, but it costs less. CHAIN. YouTube TV also has an Android TV app, so if you have SHIELD or a TV with built-in Android TV, it's probably an option to consider over something like Hulu TV or AT&T TVnow. After the 5-day trial, YouTube TV costs $ 50 / month.

YouTube Premium (one month trial, $ 12 / month)

YouTube Premium is really a great service if you watch a lot of YouTube. Being able to back up without having to press this button "skip the ad" each time you start a video (or during mid-rolls) is a convenience that really adds up if you consume a lot of content on the UGC video platform from Google. You can also watch videos in the background on your Android phone with the premium plan, which I do frequently. New registrations benefit from a month of free Premium, then spend $ 12 / month.

Of course, this requires a Gmail address that was not previously associated with YouTube Premium, so if you have already tried and canceled it, it can be very difficult to use a different address and configure all of your subscriptions.

AT&T tvNOW (7 days free, $ 65-135 / month)

AT & T's tvNOW service is a newcomer to the string cutting wars, and $ 65 / month to leave is one of the most expensive services on the market. But that's largely because it includes HBO out of the box, while most other services offer it as an add-on.

tvNOW offers a bunch of packages with thematic, sports and foreign language songs, and prices can go up to $ 135 / month before the add-ons. Because it's AT&T, I highly recommend against this service in principle.

  • AT&T's website is terrible
  • The registration flow is confused at the limit of the absurd (AT&T TV and tvNOW are two different services!)
  • "Free" HBO is only available for certain wireless plans
  • I bet it's a pain in the ass to cancel

If you have one of AT & T's new Super Unlimited WAT plans and can operate the free HBO benefit, tvNOW might be worth checking out, but personally I'm not even ready to touch it.

Sling TV ($ 10 off your first month, $ 30-45 + / month)

Sling may not be a name you've heard for a while, but the service still exists and offers one of the most compelling prices for cord cutters, as long as the chain packages meet your needs ( and application). don't make your hair pluck).

$ 20 for your first month on the most basic package (and Sling's promise of easy online cancellation), this could be an option if you just want the cheapest cable replacement possible. The basic package includes channels like Disney, ESPN, Food Network, Cartoon Network and AMC, so there are some interesting things here.

Criterion Channel (14 day trial, $ 11 / month)

The Criterion Collection is a collection of films selected by the Criterion Collection (redundant, I know), an artistic organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of important films, judging by its selectors. Currently, this collection includes more than 1,000 films, all of them streaming in the quality and format imagined by their creators.

This includes classics like 3:10 Yuma, Adaptation, Chungking Express, Rushmore, Dead Man, Death Race 2000, Godzilla, The Graduate, and many more. It's a truly incredible collection of cinma history, and a place you could absolutely lose yourself for weeks, if not months.

Pluto TV (free)

Pluto TV contains tonnes Live TV and Free Streaming Movies. The catch is that it's not demand, it's like watching a mission. Cable channels like MTV, Spike, custom genre channels like Classic Toons and news networks like Bloomberg TV and CNN are all available. There is no real problem here.

Kanopy (free)

Kanopy is a simple way to access your local library's video collection for free; all you need is a library card. Your local library probably has more videos than you think, and probably a lot of interesting documentary content and independent movies you have never heard of (although they often contain tons of classic movies too). There is no charge, just put the information on your library card and you're good to go.