Free opens Freebox Wi-Fi to all its subscribers

The next Freebox designed by Starck?

Image 1: Free opens Freebox Wi-Fi to all its subscribersDifficult to understand why Free had not done it before while Neuf has always offered it: the Freeboxes of all Free subscribers are now open to everyone else. Consequence: Free subscribers will be able to connect to the Freeboxes of other subscribers with their own identifiers. Very practical when traveling.

A different IP address

The principle is very simple. By going to the page, the subscriber creates his login credentials. If he wants to connect to the Internet outside his home, he will just have to search around him for a “Freephonie” network (which was now used for IP telephony) and to connect to it. With 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots in France, Free simply claims the largest community network in the world.

Detail that takes all its meaning since the passing of the Hadopi law, the subscriber who will connect to the Freebox of another will have their own IP address and not that of the host Freebox. A good way to avoid being hacked into your connection and to be accused in the place of another.