Free: new attack on subscribers

Free: new attack on subscribers

Image 1: Free: new attack on subscribers

A new phising attack against the Freenautes would have taken place according to the words of our colleagues from zataz. The purpose of this malicious operation is to steal confidential information

An email that does not come from Free

The technique is always the same. Subscribers receive an email ordering them to click on a link following this text: ” Dear customer, Please read this letter carefully. It contains essential information intended to facilitate the use of your Freebox account and the use of its various services. has the honor to announce that it has finally put at your disposal a total security system. To learn more and subscribe to this program, please click on the link below. ”

Pay attention to the URL

Of course, the program does not exist and the user ends up on his login page to his Free account. This presents a singular difference with the original since it is the old packaging of the management interface. Also, to avoid being caught, you must check the URL of the site on which the connection request is made (here, this is, previously hacked) and then the decor that surrounds everything.