Free Multi TV: access TV on multiple TVs

Free Multi TV: access TV on multiple TVs

The bowels of the Freebox HDWhile ADSL speedsIt is a technology allowing access to broadband internet directly by your telephone line. For this, we use part of … are now reaching a peak, we are struggling to find uses that really benefit (apart from downloading files faster). This is why Free is launching its brand new Multi TV service, which allows you to watch TV channels on a second computer.

An optional paid service

To take advantage of this, you will have to subscribe to the Multi TV option billed at 4.99 euros per month. This will only allow access to digital television on a second set. To be able to record the programs, you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month to have a second digital video recorder.

These two options are possible thanks to the provision of a Multi TV box, supplied like the FreeboxMultifunction ADSL modem designed by the access provider Free (aka Illiad). The Freebox is a proprietary box developed by Free and supplied to… HD with a Freeplug. This system, now well known to Freenautes, uses online carrier current rather than Wi-Fi to transmit data between boxes.

Of course, this service is reserved for subscribers with speedThe bandwidth as used when talking about a network defines the amount of digital information that the network allows to pass through… required to receive two TV channels at the same time and a Freebox V5 or later. It can be requested after validation of the operator’s new general conditions of sale.

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