Free Mobile: the first plans starting in November?

Free Mobile: calls abroad on the 2 euro package

Image 1: Free Mobile: the first plans starting in November?

Rumors about future Free Mobile plans continue to circulate. This week, the site evokes a premature exit at the end of 2011, while the operator has always said it wanted to wait until 2012 to launch its offers. Indeed, Free could cover next November 28% of the population, an essential figure to take advantage of the Orange network.

Preferred Free subscribers

In addition, three packages are advanced by the same site: a first at 9.99 euros per month including 5 hours of calls, SMS and calls to unlimited landlines as well as a 2 GB data plan bridled beyond. Another package with an astonishing price of 5.99 euros would include 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS, calls to unlimited Freebox fixexes and 3G billed per MB. Finally, the latest package announced offers unlimited calls to landlines, mobiles and for data and calls to the United States, all charged 19.99 euros for Free subscribers, 29.99 euros for others.

Remember that Free should not subsidize the purchase of smartphones to support its plans, but that customers can buy one on credit for 2 to 25 euros per month and a commitment. The MacBidouille site however mentions a technical impossibility for the operator to set up these offers before January 2012.

We tested the Free Center, the Free store in Rouen