Free Mobile promises to solve its network problems in 4 months

Free Mobile promises to solve its network problems in 4 months

Image 1: Free Mobile promises to solve its network problems in 4 months

Things are bad for free mobile. After creating a real excitement around the launch of its low cost mobile offer at the beginning of the year, the brand is gradually losing popularity, encountering many problems on its network, is the subject of an investigation by the competition authority, and must assume fairly opaque communication. Today, the operator indicates that its network will be fully operational in Paris within three to four months.

This week, it’s a post from our colleague Florence Santrot, journalist at Metro, who explains on her blog all the reasons why she leaves free mobile. The first failures, which have turned into major degradations in service in recent months, the operator’s closed communication, which does not evoke any difficulty, etc. The trigger was the download of an application update Facebook, weighing 12.6 MB and which required almost 30 minutes to download.

The ticket did not fail to react Free, who contacted the reporter to explain that the problems faced by users should not last too long. After acknowledging that “the user experience is degraded” and having apologized, the operator said that the city of Paris, where connection problems are the most numerous according to users, should be properly covered in the months to come. The brand has indeed set up many branches in the city and its surroundings, but it will take another “three to four months” before the coverage is optimal.

On the other side, Free Mobile has just published on its site a map allowing to realize the mobile coverage of the operator on French territory. Using Google Maps, it allows you to type an address to find out the status of coverage by Free Mobile. Unfortunately, Parisians who would like to know if their neighborhood is well covered by a Free antenna will remain in the dark: the map in fact mixes without distinction the coverage of Free Mobile and that of Orange, with which Free signed an agreement roaming.