Free Mobile: it’s the end of worries, according to Lombardini

Free Mobile: calls abroad on the 2 euro package

Image 1: Free Mobile: it's the end of worries, according to LombardiniMaxime Lombardini

Free Mobile would have fixed its connection problems, according to Maxime Lombardini, general manager ofIliadUntil then, customers of the fourth mobile operator were experiencing network errors when making a rush hour call. The network was full and call failures were piling up.

A technical concern that Free had to deal with quickly. In the end, it would be the interconnection with Orange that posed the problem, creating an overflow of calls during peak hours. In order to remove this bottleneck, “Last week, and again at the start of the week, we added physical links allowing more simultaneous calls to be made”, explains Maxime Lombardini on a daily basis The world.

According to initial user feedback, the service has improved since this change. Nevertheless, some errors remain in the evening, although they are in smaller proportions. However, this network correction may have come a little late. Free Mobile said it would take action quickly more than 15 days ago. According to Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of SFR, many users, disappointed, have already left Free Mobile to join the ranks of incumbent operators.