Forfait Free mobile 5G sans augmentation de prix

Free mobile integrates 5G in its plans without price increase

Free has just launched its first 5G mobile plan. As usual, the operator strikes a blow by increasing the data envelope of its classic package, and this at no additional cost. The latter therefore remains at € 19.99 per month (€ 15.99 or € 9.99 for Freebox subscribers) while switching to 5G.

Free mobile 5G plan without price increase

Free Mobile has finally unveiled its 5G offer, following in the footsteps of SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Orange. While the trend among competitors is to increase the price of 5G packages compared to 4G, Xavier Niel’s operator is making an impression by launching the most advantageous offer. Free Mobile is keeping its promise to offer 5G packages at the right price.

“True to its history, Free has decided to democratize access to 5G by maintaining its prices, increasing the volume of data (fair use data) and including 5G in the Free Package”, the operator announced in a press release. The 4G package at € 19.99 per month therefore switches to 5G, at no additional cost. The data envelope increases by 50%. She is now from 150 GB instead of 100 GB previously.

5G plan: Free Mobile already covers 40% of the territory

Free Mobile also prides itself on having the largest 5G coverage in France. With more than 5,200 active sites on the 700 MHz and 3.5GHz bands, the troublemaker of operators announces coverage of 40% of the French population. However, it should be noted that unlike its competitors, the operator uses more the low frequency 4G of 700 MHz.

This is despite the fact that Free obtained the best place on the new 3.5 GHz band. This is the core band of 5G and is used exclusively for the new network. It is she who offers fastest Internet access (up to 3 times the speed of 4G). However, the range of each antenna is lower.

Free Mobile does not specify the proportion that the 3.5 GHz band represents in its 5G network. By referring to the map of 5G antennas of the ANFR, we discover that the operator has a little less than 400 3.5 GHz antennas on more than 12,000 antennas distributed over its 5,255 sites. More 3.5 GHz antennas are expected to be activated in the coming months.

Free Mobile’s new 5G package is now available to old and new subscribers. If you already have a 4G plan for € 19.99 per month, you must activate 5G in the Subscriber Area to benefit from it now. Free Mobile still charges € 15.99 to Freebox subscribers and € 9.99 specifically to Freebox Popup subscribers.