Free Mobile: directory and operational consumer tracking

Free Mobile: calls abroad on the 2 euro package

Image 1: Free Mobile: directory and operational consumption monitoring

Free Mobile is gradually improving its services by adding functionality to its customer area.

Corrected last week, the online consumer tracking space now provides more details on its consumption. In parallel, an application for Android terminals was launched. Simply named “Free Mobile Consumption Monitoring”, it gathers all the information concerning the calls and SMS / MMS emitted as well as the state of the data subscription. For the moment the system of Google seems to be the only one to have such an application. iOS and Windows Phone should not be long in welcoming similar ones.

On the Free Mobile site, the customer can now indicate whether or not he wants to appear in the telephone directories. By default, this option is unchecked. If he wishes to be listed, he can then organize this choice by refusing prospecting, the reverse directory or even appearing only under his name.

Download the Free Mobile consumption tracking application