Free Mobile cancels 2,000 iPhone 8 orders, private sale turns into fiasco

Free Mobile has just canceled 8,000 iPhone 8 orders offered as part of a private sale on Veepee. Faced with a major stock shortage, the operator was forced to reverse. Unsurprisingly, Free undertakes to reimburse all affected customers.


On December 14, 2020, Free Mobile organized a new private sale on the Veepee website. Xavier Niel’s operator offered Internet users to subscribe to the 100 GB package at € 19.99 per month with a commitment period of 24 months. Free Mobile committed to offer a refurbished iPhone 8 to all customers who choose the offer. The telecoms troublemaker is used to private sales of this ilk. A month earlier, Free Mobile also offered a refurbished iPhone 7 with the 100 GB package at € 19.99.

Unfortunately, the December 14 private sale quickly turned into a fiasco. Faced with the influx of interested subscribers, the operator was forced to stop the operation before time. Worse, Free Mobile was forced to cancel a large part of the orders placed, reports Univers Freebox.

Free Mobile undertakes to reimburse affected customers

Recently, Free Mobile has indeed canceled 8,000 iPhone 8 orders passed through the Veepee site. The telecom is facing a major stock shortage. Under these conditions, Free Mobile is not able to honor the terms of the private sale. In an email sent to its customers, the operator says that the offer was a victim of its success.

“Faced with the success of the Free Package offer with reconditioned iPhone 8 offered on Veepee from 12/14/2020, Free had to cancel Free Package orders with reconditioned iPhone 8. No worries, subscribers are reimbursed for the sums which have been withdrawn upon subscription ” explains Free Mobile. If you are concerned, the telecom will not be long in reimburse you.

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According to a testimony relayed by our colleagues from iGen, Free Mobile customer service sometimes offers aggrieved customers to subscribe to another offer including a refurbished smartphone. Thus, some subscribers have seen each other offer Android Huawei smartphones instead of the promised iPhone 8. We imagine that Internet users were not necessarily delighted.

Source: Freebox Universe